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Saturday, April 8, 2017

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Hi Friends Today I am Very Happy To Announces that
we have created our android app of our blogs.

App name is DTH News !

In This App you will get all the latest news and information about all DTH Services. This app is created only For information about DTH Services. So have a Fun and Enjoy This App, Dont Forget to Share our App. 

Get the latest updates from the world of freedish india on your mobile in just few clicks, this app will let you know about the latest channels addition, programs and other buzz of freedish India.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

How To Earn Money From Social Media

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

LIVE Big announcement by PM Narendra Modi - From midnight tonight (Nov 8), Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes won't be legal tender anymore.

LIVE Big announcement by PM Narendra Modi
- From midnight tonight (Nov 8),  Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes won't be legal tender anymore.
- For the next 50 days, until 30 Dec 2016,old notes of can be deposited and exchanged at post offices and banks.
- For 72 hours, until Nov 11 midnight, all govt hospitals will accept old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.
- There will be no change in any other form of currency exchange be it cheque, DD, payment via credit or debit cards, online payments, etc.

500 rs and 1000rs notes will no longer be legal from midnight. :o
Citizens have 50 days from Nov 10 to return notes at banks, post offices.  :/
PS: Your views on this situation ?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Free Recharg Trick For Android Phones Only By Amezing Tech

Now you can also recharge 2G/ 3G/ 4G internet data plans for free.
How to earn mobile recharge online easily? Any trick to get free talktime fast using android phone ? Keep reading to know your answer.
Image result for how to send balance from mcent to paytmImage result for download

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Parameter Details:
Satellite Intelsat20@68.5E(C-Band)
Freq Rate 3810
Symbol Rate 15000
Polar Vertical
Modulation HD.MPEG4/DVB S2
Mode Pay/Conex

Friday, September 30, 2016

DTH News of This week

Ayurveda Tv channel test transmission was
starting on IS 17
TP : 3946 v 27691.
1yes Tamil channel is started on IS-17
TP : 3877 H 14299

Dish Tv :
4 TEST Channels are now added in testing on
Dish tv on new frequency 11750 V 29500,
DVB S mode.
Recently , there are not come in stb but it
will soon add by next few days.

ABS Free Dish :
These are channels removed from 12227 H
44000 frequency on ABS 2.
Peace Of Mind
Samaya TV
Nepal 1
These are channels removed from 12227 H
44000 frequency on ABS 2.

The four free-to-air (FTA) TV channels are
Win TV (Tamil), Win TV (UP), Cuisine TV and
Aaseervatham TV. Out of these, two are
discontinued and the plan is to relaunch
them soon. The company is planning to
revamp Win TVUP, which caters to news and
current affairs in the state of Uttar Pradesh,
and Cuisine TV, which caters to food and

Doordarshan has set in motion the process of rolling out encrypted MPEG 4 set-top boxes (STB) for its free DTH service Freedish

Dd Free Dish :
Doordarshan has set in motion the process of
rolling out encrypted MPEG 4 set-top boxes
(STB) for its free DTH service Freedish.The plan
is to roll out MPEG 4 STBs within four months.
It will start with 24 channels and then add
capacity in phases. DD Freedish will also get
additional transponders to expand the
service.The pubcaster has floated tender for
appointing authorised STB original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs).“We have issuedtender
for rolling out MPEG 4 STBs. We hope to roll
out MPEG 4 STBs in 3–4 months. The MPEG 4
STBs will have 24 channels to be with. We will
add capacity in phases,” Doordarshan deputy
director general (DTH) AK Jha.
The authorised OEMs will sell Doordarshan-app
roved CAS and firmware/middleware-enabl
edSTBs. The e-application was issued on 20
September, while the e-application will open
on 25 October.The delivery period of STB is
three months. A pre-bid conference for the
tender will be held in Doordarshan Bhawan on
2 October.The target is to provide 250
channels through theMPEG 4 STBs. Freedish
will also get additional transponders for
expanding its service. “We will get additional
transponders for providing 250 channels.
Currently, we have six transponders,” Jha

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

How To Make A Bootable USB Pendrive Using CMD

Basically we making bootable disk for booting but there is another why to boot your PC. This is USB drives, making bootable pendrive is not difficult. And there is lots of tool to make USB drive but some time they can’t make bootable but I show you how to make a bootable USB pendrive by cmd. Command prompt only accept commands that why everyone think that was very difficult. But I clearly tell you creating USB pandrive using cmd is not hard.

How To Make A Bootable USB pendrive:

  1.  First of all download windows Image which you want to install in your pc.
  2.  After it insert USB stick, now go to start ->> all programs ->> Accessories ->> select command prompt, right click on it and “run as administrator”. Now cmd will be display and enter the following commands…
  3.  Now enter diskpart ->list disk -> select disk 1 (chose the USB drive which you inserted into your pc)

Note: Please check your USB drive memory size and then select right disk.
  1. Now enter clean -> create partition primary -> select partition 1 -> active -> format fs= ntfs(This will format your pandrive within 15-20 minutes).

 After the formatting is done, you have to enter commands again in cmd…
  1.  ->> Assign (you can see the pendrive changed its letter to (H): or(G)), ->> EXIT (this command will exit disk part function)
  2.  Now right click on your windows image and select -> mount an image, now you can see the disk image near your DVD drive.
  3. In my case the command is: J: -> CD boot ->> bootsect.exe/nt60 K: (K is the later of usb drive)

Now copy all of your windows image data into you pandrive.All is done! Now restart your system and boot from USB pandrive.

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Final Words!

This is my another how to guide, I hope this is helpful for you. this is Awesome way to make a bootable USB pendrive using command prompt.If you like my article please subscribe our newslater and get more awesome computer tricks and tips. And also share our article with your friends on Facebook and google plus. If you have any quarry related this article comment below and I resolve it very soon.

How to activate windows 8.1 All-In-One RTM Version | Offline Activator (Step By Step Guide)

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How to activate windows 8.1 

Feature of activator:😀
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  • User friendly interface with simple option.
  • Support offline and online activation its means no needs to disconnect internet connection.
  • Activating both operating system like 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • 100% free and virus free.

How can I activate windows 8.1:

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  • Now you can see KMS auto easy setup open and now menu displayed and now chose the 1 option Activate windows.

It’s take few seconds and after processing complete the KMS auto easy setup screen background color will be appear green and red. If background color was green its means product successfully activated  and else red mean not yet activate. See below image –

  • You can see the windows is activated massage in property tab.

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Final words!

I hope you enjoy this post how to activate windows 8.1 crack and you returning on my blog to see more free stuff. I always finding some free stuff to help my reader to save money and time 😉 . Because everyone wants free stuff I also like free software and key to use full version of software and operating system. If you have any query or problem comment below and I will help you very soon. Thanks for visiting 🙂

How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB Pen Drive (Step-By-Step Guide)

How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB (Easy Guide)

Windows 8.1 is new upgraded version of windows 8 and think this is awesome you can easily install it by DVD or USB drive. You can easily install Windows 8.1 from USB drive. New windows have lots of new features like new app store, new start menu also multiple tasking window.

Now a days no one want to install optical devices in our Pc and also tablets have not optical DVD writer in build. Then if you are tablet user then this is awesome post for you and also desktop and laptop user use this trick to same Wasting money on CD/DVD.

Before installing win 8.1 in your PC please read system requirement to understand. This OS support your Pc or not. See below system requirement –

System Requirements:-

  • Processor: Intel Dual core (upto 1 GHZ ) or higher.
  • Ram: 1GB ram (32 bit), 2 GB (64 bit) minimum.
  • Hard Dick: 16 GB (32bit), 20GB (64 bit).
  • Graphic Card: DX 9 graphic cards with WDDM drivers.
[yellowbox]Note:- If you have 2GB Ram then install 32bit OS and if you have 2 above RAM then install 64bit OS[/yellowbox]

How To make Bootable USB:

Before starting installing  in your PC make you bootable USB. There is three method to make you bootable pan drive. All method are very easy don’t worry about it.
Method #1 : This is very simple method. Just follow simple steps –
  1. Download PowerISO Software.
  2. Insert pan drive in your PC.
  3. Now Select downloaded windows 8.1 ISO image and right click on it. After that just click on PowerISO and then extract to.
  4. Then you can see “Extract” wizard is open now just browse your file and click ok.
  5. After 10-15 your USB drive will bootable.
Method #2 :  this is second method if first method doesn’t works please apply this method.
  1. Open PowerISO Software.
  2. Now click on tools and in tool section click on “create bootable USB drive”.
  3. Now powerISO want administrator permission. Click on OK.
  4. Now new wizard is opened, First select ISO image file which want.
  5. Then select pan drive. After it click on start button.
Method #3 : If both of method doesn’t working then take this method. This is CMD method. Some pan drives are not able to make bootable. But this method will make it bootable. After doing this method just do first method.
How to make a bootable USB pendrive using CMD
After doing all those things. Now you are ready for install windows 8.1 by USB. Continue reading –

How To Install Windows 8.1 From USB:

1. First of all Insert you pan drive in pc.
2. Now restart your pc and boot from USB.
3. After its automatically boot.
4. Now windows setup wizard appears now hit on Next button and after it click on “Install”.

5. Now accept the license and Hit Next.

6. Select “custom: Install windows only (advance)” option.

7. Now select your partition where you want to install windows. Just Format it and then select it and hit next.

8. After it. Setup will be taking 10 to 15 minutes for processing.
9. After completing the process Pc automatically restarted. Now windows getting started and installing drivers for your pc and its take 3-5 minutes.
10. Now personalize option appears. Now select theme color of your windows. Also enter your PC Name and Hit next button.

11. Click on “use express settings”.

12. Now it’s asking for Microsoft account. If you have Microsoft account then enter your email and password. If you haven’t account then click on “create a new account” and click next.

13. Now enter your verification which Microsoft sending you on mobile.
After doing all that your windows installing is completed. Now one more thing is remaining. What is that? Do you know that? This is activating you windows 🙂 continue read to know how you activate your product.

How To activate Windows 8.1 (Free):

There are lots of way to activate windows 8.1 easily. But I’m using new type of activator. In this activator you can activate you Microsoft office 2013 also 😀 After installing please activate it to click on this link – Activate windows 8.1 By activator

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Final Words! 

This is very easy way for those people who don’t want to format there PC by DVD. you can easily make bootable pandrive and install any OS by these method. I personally said that if you install any OS by USB you can see that its install very fast. THis is best gudie on how to install windows 8.1 from USB drive. If you like my this post please share it on Facebook, Google+. and if you getting any problem then comment.